Nail Cutting Service (20 Minutes)

This treatment is ideal for those who find it difficult to reach or manage their nails, it’s also suitable for people with thick, fungal or curved nails and no other Chiropody complaints. Is this for you? Can you Cut your … Read More

Combined Skin & Nail Treatment

This treatment consists of nail cutting and removal of callous. Finishing off with a soothing foot massage.

Born Pretty 1Pc Nail Art Skin Fork Nipper Pusher Dead Skin Trimmer Cuticle Callus Remover Manicure Pedicure Tool

Package Contents: 1Pc BORN PRETTY Dead Skin Fork
GOOD TOOL Professional remover for pushing back dead skin,cuticle and trimming dead skin around the nails.
WIDE USAGE Suitable For Professional Salon Use Or Home Use Remember to remove all dust & glue with acetone after use.

Nail Fungus Fungal Infection Treatment Laser Device Onychomycosis Cure – For Home Use

7 Minute Cold Nail Laser Treatment, Home Use, Simple to Use.
Home Use
Simple to Use


Stop discolouration, distorted, thick, brittle & crumbling nails
Increase growth rate, repair damage, restore healthy nails!
Max strength formulation designed to kill infections quickly!

Med-Fit Rechargeable Nail Fungus Treatment Laser Device Ideal for home use – Easy to use and highly effective for the removal of unsightly nail-fungus and infections for use on both the feet and hands

REVOLUTIONARY HOME TREATMENT; innovative device now allows you to treat nail fungal infections from the comfort of your home.
FAST ACTION, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE; nail fungus medication makes you see incredible results within a few short weeks with just 7-minutes of daily treatment per affected nail.
EASY, PAIN-FREE USE just place on affected nail, push a button and it does its magic for 7-minutes, nail fungus remover automatically shuts off once it’s done. No pain, no complex procedures and no cleaning up afterwards.

Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment 3.8 ml

Henkel Ltd., HP21 8SZ.
Bottle – Recyclable

HIGHEST QUALITY Long Handle Toenail and Fingernail Clipper By with 360 Degree Rotating Swivel Head for BEST Positioning. Pedicure Tool to EASILY Cut & Trim Normal Nails or Prevent & Fix Sore Ingrown Nails

ROTATING HEAD – This stainless steel clipper has a 360 degree swivel head. Which is PERFECT for cutting with ease. No more awkward positions twisting and turning your wrist to get the angle you require. The SMOOTH rotation of the head makes is SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE
EXTRA SHARP – Ultra sharp and PRECISE Stainless Steel for delicate gripping tasks. Great for cutting normal fingernails and toenails. Fantastic to help RELIEVE the pressure of ingrown nails by getting the correct angle and EFFORTLESSLY clipping the area that’s causing the pain.
COMFORTABLE GRIP – Unique design that prevents slipping, provides great leverage and smooth easy action Great for EVERYONE including Seniors.

Tresalto Long Handled Toenail Scissors and Clippers for Thick Nails

Best toenail clippers for seniors nails thickened from age, fungal infection or trauma
Strong sharp blades are designed to cut without cracking, tearing, or splitting
Long handled precision nail clippers make it easy to reach your toes!

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