The Diabetic Number 1 Secret

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Take for example seasoned performer, musical artist, and the Philippines' first UNICEF ambassador Gary Valenciano or more commonly known as Gary V.

People know him as being the ultimate singer-dancer on stage. He could strum a tune and give life to it at the same time with his Michael Jackson-like movements.

But way before, only few know him as having been diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic. Then, it was probably surreal to imagine the Gary V. as having diabetes.

One of the symptoms of diabetes is the frequent feeling of sluggishness of the body. If the blood sugar level is too high, energy is lost. The same if the blood sugar level is too low. Basically, fluctuating blood sugar can cause fatigue. And because diabetes has other associated risks like high blood pressure, fatigue can rise from there too.

So one can just imagine how an energetic performer like Gary V. is able to cope with a condition that will be with him for a lifetime. We all wonder how he does it.

To bring the connection nearer, so to speak, a family friend has been diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic after many years of eating cake and juice for breakfast everyday at a local bakeshop. But I myself was surprised to find out that her condition was such. To me, she is a successful single mother to twin boys, buys herself expensive watches, and tries on the latest trends, just going on with her young life happily.

What is their secret? How can they seem to just go on with their daily routine?

You see, diabetes in the first place should not be a hindrance to whatever one has been doing before being diagnosed. Diabetes may be a life sentence, but it is a life sentence that can be overpowered.

It is important for diabetics to realize that they still have control over their life. Diabetes may be incurable but it is something that does not eat up one's life.

With discipline and perseverance, a diabetic can live life to the fullest and return to leading a normal life.

Having control over one's life is the key and secret to successfully managing diabetes.

Control over one's food intake. Control over negative lifestyles like physical inactivity, inadequate rest, and harmful addictions like smoking and the like.

Because life does not stop with diabetes. And so should not you.

Source by Rose Basile